Ensuring Safety for Your Loved One with Home Care Services in Blaine County, Idaho

Safety is a major concern for those with dementia, and it's essential to take the necessary steps to ensure that your beloved is safe and secure. There are a variety of programs available that can help monitor and improve safety for those with dementia. Wearing medical identification jewelry and having 24-hour assistance can be used if a loved one with dementia is lost or missing. Additionally, medical alert services can be used to monitor your loved one and alert caregivers if there is no response.

For some, keeping a beloved at home is a personal preference, while for others it may be the only affordable option. Home care can be overwhelming for even the most experienced caregivers, but it is often the best way to get reliable and compassionate help. If you observe a marked decline in social participation, abandonment of hobbies or activities they once enjoyed, or lack of interest in connecting with friends or family, it may be time to consider additional support. This could include caring for an older adult or, if medical consideration is necessary, home care services. If your beloved neglects their personal hygiene, wears the same clothes repeatedly, or has difficulty with cleaning tasks, it could be a sign that they need help from a trusted friend or family member or a professional caregiver.

Some states have programs for seniors with limited resources and assets that allow them to pay the person of their choice (including family members) for in-home services. Noticeable changes in memory, confusion, difficulty making decisions, disorientation, repetitive words or actions, or difficulty following conversations may indicate the need for more care and possibly even home training to treat dementia. Adult day care can provide entertainment and care for people with dementia while providing caregivers with much-needed breaks. Whether you or your loved one needs transitional care or help aging at home, most people prefer to stay in their own home. Consider SYNERGY HomeCare as your monthly care package - packed with the latest news about home care, tips for caregivers, stories that “make you feel good” and positive inspiration. SYNERGY HomeCare provides effective, comforting and life-affirming care that helps individuals and their loved ones thrive emotionally and physically.

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